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Penny Pancakes

My newest signature character comes to LIFE!!!

Meet Penny Pancakes, the first custom puppet I've ever had commissioned. She is being built by the brilliant and talented artists at Swazzle. Here you'll find some of the progress photos of Penny's creation, from my concept sketches to Swazzle's stunning fabrication....

Stay tuned for her debut in the upcoming web series, A Pancake for Your Thoughts with Penny Pancakes.  

Penny Pancakes!: What's New

My Initial Concept Sketch

One of the first renderings I did of Penny Pancakes, seen here reading the Unbearable Lightness of Being on a sunny afternoon.


Her Namesake

Here's a pic of a pound puppy I became enamoured with but was unable to adopt since she was in TN and I am in DC... so I just adopted her name as the inspiration for my newest puppet pal!


Digital Doodle

A quick little sketch I did of Penny on my phone early in her conception.


Custom Pancake Fabric

Penny has a personal costume designer, Liza Dally who has cooked up this tasty custom fabric for Penny's sassy little skirt.


Official Concept Sketch

Here she is folx! I did this pencil sketch of the final concept for Swazzle to start building from.


Design Images

Had so much fun making design choices for this custom puppet build! In fact, it made me hungry half the time!


First Mockup 

Swazzle's prototype of Penny blew me away! Amazing to see my drawing coming to fruition. 


Serving body-ody-ody!

She's coming together! Should be around 18 inches or so, with bendable fingers and removable arm rods. Here is her lacy collar being constructed by Liza Dally.


Glasses and a Butter Nose

Swazzle knocking it out of the park with this darling little head. All the Penny parts are really shaping up!!


We have a WIG!

Silky, feathered hair compliments her sweet face. Next to come is her pancake fascinator, dripping with syrup! :)



Celebrating kismet today on National Pancake Day (2/16/21) as I got word that my new signature puppet Penny Pancakes was just completed by Swazzle! Happy Birthday Penny!!

Here is a pic of her in front of my breakfast today... sweet and savory gruyere pancakes :D


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Thanks for stopping by. STAY GOLDEN!!!

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